ECC Trust is a non-governmental, non-profit Trust that exists primarily for the benefit of rural farmers and any other secondary beneficiaries as the trustees may choose. It was formerly established in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2014. Since then, the organisation has provided advisory support for small initiatives to build adaptation and resilience capacity for rural farmers.

Our values are largely based on Christian principles and morals without prejudice to race, gender, age, culture or religion. 

Relationship building – we value and place importance on the relationships we build with communities, donors, the next generation and other relevant stakeholders such as government departments and local authorities. 

Sustainability – we place importance on supporting sustainable development and sustainable consumption.

Stewardship for nature / creation – we acknowledge that as humans, we are responsible for preserving creation or nature

Integrity – we are committed to honesty and accountability in all our work 

Communication – as a way of maintaining good relationships and fulfilling our mandate, we endeavor for effective and professional communication.


A world with farmers and communities that are well informed about climate change and the environment so that through sustainable farming, greener practices and environmental conservation efforts, agricultural productivity is improved whilst their livelihood pursuits and daily practices do not aggravate global warming trends.

To educate, inspire, innovate and participate in the continuous, deliberate and systematic development of sustainable and climate-smart farming practices and environmental management through various interactive and participatory programs.